8 Piezas originales inspiradas en la naturaleza y ritmos de Brasil

Inspirado en los paisajes y naturaleza de México


TEXT BY LUIS BARRIA (Xalapa, Veracruz, México)
“... in his DNA is the mandate to build his own voice, so for the group's inaugural album, Paisajes Mexicanos, he composed seven songs in which he assumes« jazz as a universal language, always with a free spirit improvisation, proposing various jazz influences with a personal accent ”, and yes, he did an arrangement on a traditional Mexican piece.

For this record, Caraveo made of brushes, watercolors and easel with which to translate some parts of the country into sounds, and with borrowings of languages ​​that go from Paul Desmond to the traditional Mexican son through soul, regué, waltz and la bossa nova, captured his personal version of the Chapultepec forest, the silhouette of the Ixtlacíhuatl, the tiles and roofs of Pátzcuaro, the chromatic waste of the bougainvilleas and the pinwheels, and the roads that lead to Ixtapa Zihuatanejo. In addition to sonic watercolors, he wrote a letter to the great master of Mexican jazz, Enrique Nery, and provided a novel wardrobe for La Llorona.

For this recording, Antonio Caraveo Jazz Project settled with a solid rhythm section made up of Caraveo himself on conducting and bass, Jordan Sánchez on guitar and Ephraim Flores on drums, to which was added the melodic voice of saxophonist Sebastián. Crossbowmen. With this formation, the impeccable workmanship of the seven compositions and the arrangement was enhanced by the technical solvency of the interpretation of the scores, the great variety of colors and textures, and, above all, by the individual improvisational flashes that are the essence of the jazz.

With all these elements, Paisajes Mexicanos becomes an essential album in any Jazeera music library. " Tuesday February 9, 2021. Author: Luis Barria.

1. Chapultepec(5/4)
Lung of Mexico City and a must for children, couples and tourists in Mexico City, inspired by the famous piece "Take Five" by Paul Desmond and Dave Brubeck.

2. The Sleeping Woman (Soul-Jazz)
When Mexico City is once again the most transparent region. The sunrises are wonderful, with the blue sky and the clouds cutting the volcanoes in their unperturbed sleep.

3. My Old Patzcuaro (Walkin and Reggae)
Clean air with the smell of wood, charanda (reddish earth) and rain.

4. Bougainvillea (Jazz Ballad and Bossa Nova)
The colorful flower as a constant of beauty, contrasted in the gray and chaotic of Mexico City. The bougainvillea climbing the walls of our towns and cities, celebrates with purple, red and white tones its joy.

5. Pinwheels (Son Mexicano)
Mexican son-influenced theme. Remembrance of town fairs and beautiful handmade toys, their play of color and movement, somewhat forgotten.

6. Waltz for Enrique Nery (Jazz Waltz)
This piece is dedicated to Maestro Enrique Nery, a great pianist, teacher, creator and conversationalist.

7. Roads of Ixtapa (Bossa Nova)
Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico Calm afternoons and nights, beach sand and walks.

8.La Llorona (Waltz)
A symbol of the Mexican Day of the Dead Celebration, painful and sweet, with its orange and yellow tints of Cempasúchil flowers.


“Semper Brasil” is the second album made by the Antonio Caraveo Jazz Project, featuring eight songs inspired by the musical tradition, nature and legends of Brazil.

As Mexicans, Brazilian music has been a rich influence for its rhythms, for its spirit of cultural miscegenation and African heritage in America, we present our music with the emphasis on caring for flora, fauna of our planet and desires for brotherhood between brother peoples of America like Mexico and Brazil and enhancing the universality of jazz.

The eight songs were composed and arranged by Antonio Caraveo. The album “Semper Brasil” was recorded and mixed in the Cubetta Records studio by engineer Juan Cubas at the end of October 2020 and features the work of Mexican photographer Ernesto Flores. And it will be officially presented in March 2021.

1. Brazil 1-0 (Partido Alto and Samba) A country that loves soccer, its legendary figures like Pelé, a constant in Brazilian culture.

2. The Journey of the Jaguar (Baiao)
At the rhythm of Baiao, from the Northeast of Brazil, we dedicate this theme to nature, to the imposing figure of the jaguar, inhabitant of the Brazilian jungles, a feature shared with Mexico, as a representation of the natural wealth of Brazil.

3. Abacaxi (Samba)
Name given to pineapples in Brazil.

4. Amazonas (Frevo)
The Frevo is another rhythm from the Northwest of Brazil. This theme is inspired by and dedicated to the Amazon River and its stream of life that runs through the country and empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

5. Corals (Forró)
Marine ecosystems are of enormous importance to the health of our planet. The coral reefs of Brazil, beautiful and huge, but threatened by human activity.

6.Rain Scent(Bossa Nova)
One of the best-known rhythms of Brazilian culture in the world, Bossa Nova, with the refreshing and hopeful smell of wet earth, a smell that bears the curious name of “petricor”..

7.Iasá (Ciranda)
Inspired by an ancient legend of the Cachinahuas tribe about the origins of the rainbow. Princess Iasá loves Tupá, son of the supreme God Tupán, but the devil Anhangá wants to marry Iasá, the mother of Iasá gives her daughter to the devil, for a reward, but before going to live in hell, Iasá wants to see for Last time to Tupá, the distrustful devil agrees, but wounds Iasá to follow his blood trail. To mislead the devil the sun draws a yellow arc, the sky a blue trail, the sea a turquoise trail, the weak princess falls to earth, mixing her blood forms oranges, violets, greens and dies on the beach releasing her destiny from the hell and leaving the eternal trace of the rainbow in the sky.

8.Vatapá (Partido Alto)
Typical dish from the northeast of Brazil, of African origin, based on bread, peanuts, shrimp and coconut milk, often accompanied by white rice.


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